My name is Fatuma Mohamud I'm 18years old. I live in Minneapolis,Minnesota.Art is like food for ma soul I have a

love and obsession with Photography,Poetry,literature,Painting,Drawing n just breathing in the worlds beauty. Taking it all one day at a time, day and night. Just capturing what my soul finds beautiful or eye. catching. Meanwhile here is what inspires me and some of ma original posts.


We made it to the 8,000 ft summit right before sunset. Came out with just a few minor bruises and scratches :) thank god.

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خيالي واقِع  و الواقع افتراضي 

Reality >< Fantasy.

My city is tight !! I saw a dude wearing a gas mask today while ridding a bike. While I was waiting for the bus to go home I thought that it was tight. I came home and just heard Ebola came to U.S. Is it just me or does the whole Ebola thing sound like the movie Contagion??

First day of October it was raining and chilly. After work there was some tight fog outside. In downtown were those beautiful black Swans stands. Perfect weather for a perfect cool month.

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