My name is Fatuma Mohamud I'm 18 years old. I live in Minneapolis,Minnesota.Art is like food for ma soul I have a love and obsession with Photography,Poetry,literature,Painting,Drawing n just breathing in the worlds beauty. Taking it all one day at a time, day and night. Just capturing what my soul finds beautiful or eye catching. Meanwhile here is what inspires me and some of ma original posts.

You see art everywhere and everyday. Here some Cool art I seen today. Overall it was a great day ! It was of a tight sculpture of hand I was a boutta leave and I stopped turned back n it just lured me u know. It’s kinda cool just too see someone’s sculpture in a public space. There’s a story, there a meaning behind it. It’s shared with everyone even strangers. That takes some HUGE COURAGE AND GUTS!


i’m just going to leave this here…

and say that if anybody else was responsible for his murder they would already be locked up facing charges. not in a safe place with PAID administrative leave. 

i didn’t realize that it isn’t murder when you’re a police officer, it’s a few weeks paid vacation and you’re back on the job.

JUSTICE for michael brown, ezell ford, eric garner, tarika wilson, henry glover, amadou diallo, manuel loggins jr, todd blair, oscar grant, ronald madison, sean bell, james brissette, stephon watts, jose guerena, kenneth harding jr, patricia cook, remarley graham, byron carter jr, justin sipp, kenneth chamberlain, johnnie warren, dante price, trayvon martin, chris kissane, kendrec mcdade, rekia boyd, dixon rodriguez, john adams, keith vidal, michael nida, john crawford, darrin manning…

how long does the list have to go on? this isn’t even close to HALF of the people killed by police since 2012 alone.

police kill at least 500 people a year with those numbers rising every year.

law enforcement has killed over 6,500 people since 9/11 - more bodies than the entire iraq war!

you’re 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

this shit’s been going on since before rodney king and it hasn’t gotten any better. what the fuck is going on here?


Damn man this is really bigger then it is !!!


following back tons

I want this get away from the city

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